Flexible Software Adapts to Specific Needs and Helps Medical Device Company Save Time

The Organization

Cook Incorporated is the largest privately held medical device company in the world. Established in 1963, it is a leading developer and manufacturer of catheters, wire guides, , stents, and other technologies in the area of minimally invasive therapy. Cook Incorporated is also on the forefront of developing next generation technologies that advance combination drug/device and biologic/device design concepts.

The Challenge

Cook was looking for an effective way to keep track of the components needed to manufacture medical devices. With so many different pieces required to make so many different things, it was obvious that some sort of data management software was needed.

The Solution

The company seriously considered buying custom software. They were concerned that existing software was too antiquated or cumbersome to meet their needs.

IntelliTrack Stockroom was easily adapted to their specific needs, saving more money than other custom software development.

The fact that it is significantly cheaper than having custom code written was a big selling point for the people who approve purchases that the company makes.

The Results

IntelliTrack Stockroom software has helped Cook to increase productivity by eliminating manual processes, and by improving morale. Employees no longer dread the tedium of inventory time.