FAQs – Making an On-Premise Migration to the IntelliTrack® Platform

FAQs – Making an On-Premise Migration to the IntelliTrack® Platform

Q: Why are you ending support of the locally installed (on-premise) software? 
A: We really want our customers to have a great experience when using our software and realize the maximum benefits from it. Our web-based IntelliTrack® platform has matured and evolved over the past few years, to the point where now, the functionality and benefits it offers our customers far outweighs those offered by the locally installed software. We have made the decision to stop developing and (very soon) supporting the locally installed (on-premise) software and focus exclusively on the web-based IntelliTrack® platform going forward.


Q: What’s involved in migrating?
We have designed a migration path for our existing customers to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible. All of the core functionality between both versions is the same. You can be confident that our web-based IntellITrack® platform will provide the same capabilities you need, but with an easier-to-navigate interface and more reliable technology. One of our account managers will be able to take you through a customized demo, and provide access to your own demo account, allowing you to fully test the platform. Finally, we are including a free* “IntelliTrack Simple Start” which includes account set-up/configuration, data migration, and web-based training session. (*freely available for a limited time only)


Q: What will it cost? 
A: The cost of the web-based IntelliTrack® platform is dependent on the number of concurrent PC/desktop licenses and mobile computer licenses you will need. Basic pricing starts at $75/license/month. One of our account managers will be able to provide you with a customized quote to suite your needs.


Q: What are the benefits of a subscription-based service? 
A: You pay for the platform as you go, and support and upgrades are built into your subscription fee, so you never have to worry about losing access to our support team or your software becoming out-dated/unsupported. You can be confident that you’re always using the latest and greatest version of our software.
Q: What type of support does the cloud-based software have?
A: Support for our cloud-based IntelliTrack® platform is included and available to any customer with an active subscription. Support includes access to our telephone support line (hours from 8 AM to 5 PM ET, Monday through Friday), email support, and access any-time to our built-in help feature.
Q: How will I train my team to use the new platform? 
A: Let us help! We offer web-based training (this will be included with your free* IntelliTrack Simple Start) which will allocate up to 4 hours of time for one of our trainers to remotely work with you and your team and get you educated and trained on our platform. (*freely available for a limited time only)
Q: I already purchased the product. Why do I have to buy it again? 
A: In the past, we’ve averaged releasing a major upgrade for our product line every 2 to 3 years and when this occurred, our customers had to purchase the upgrade. Additionally, customers would have had to purchase a support contract every year. We’re changing this paradigm and offering on-going access to the platform by leveraging a subscription model with a small on-going fee, versus large periodic cash outlays. This on-going subscription fee pays for access to the system, on-going immediate access to product upgrades and enhancements, and access to customer support.
Q: What type of network will I need to ensure the cloud-based software works? 
A: To make sure you have access to our IntelliTrack® platform and that it works, you need to ensure that you have access to a desktop/laptop/tablet with a valid internet connection (hard wired or wireless) and a web-browser.
Q: What happens if I don’t have a strong internet connection?
A: Our platform is backed by the latest technology that is extremely fast and efficient. We recommend, and most customers operate, with a broadband internet connection (typically at speeds of 700 kbit/s or higher), when using our IntelliTrack® platform. However, we’ve had some customers use our platform with slower dial-up speed connections (as slow as 28.8k – 56k kbit/s).
Q: How often are updates made to the cloud-based platform?
A: We average releasing an update every 4-8 weeks. These updates include performance enhancements, bug fixes, and access to new features.
Q: What operating systems does the cloud-based software run on? 
A: For our desktop/PC browser-based interface, we support Windows, Apple (macOS), and Linux/Unix operating systems. For our IntelliTrack® Mobile App, we offer support for Android OS (4.4 or newer) and Windows CE/Mobile.


Q: Why should I migrate to the cloud? 
A: The advantages and benefits to our cloud-based IntelliTrack® platform are numerous. They include:
  • Zero effort upgrades
  • Global access to the system
  • Minimal IT infrastructure investment required
  • Greater scalability throughout your operation
  • Latest security protocols maintained
  • Access to support included
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easier and friendlier to operate and use