Easier On Everyone: How to Convince Your Boss to Try IntelliTrack®

Look, everyone wants their job to be easier. No matter if you’re talking about the employee or the employer, when the job is easier and more manageable, more gets done and people are happier. It’s really that simple. But when it comes to inefficient inventory management, especially old school pen and paper style, everything can become far more difficult than it ever should be.

Nobody feels this more than you, the employee. And nobody has a better leg to stand on when turning to the boss to suggest a change, either. Every good employer is always on the lookout for ways to make their business stronger, to make their employees happier, and one of the best ways to help them do this is to take better control of the inventory management process with the right technology. It just so happens that by doing so, your job becomes a whole lot easier in the process. Let’s take a look at how to get your boss thinking about the future of inventory management.

Show Them That the Switch Isn’t Scary

For some employers, it’s all about getting over that initial hurdle. If they’re still stuck on simple spreadsheet or pen and paper management, it may be a fear of the unknown that’s keeping them from making the jump. Any reasonable employer has to know that by taking this process digital, they’ll get more efficiency and more control. But change can be hard when some have done it one way for so long, no matter how inefficient that way may be.

For your boss, all you need to tell them is that making this switch with IntelliTrack® could not be any easier. One of IntelliTrack’s guiding principles is how simple it is to get up and running. We’ve designed a software and transition process built around alleviating the concerns of those unsure about change, while making sure that everything can be done quickly and by just about anybody. Here, let’s break it down even further with this simple overview of the process. All your team will need to do is:

  • Implement IntelliTrack®’s easy-to-use software
  • Create barcodes for all of their items
  • Label their locations, scans their inventory, and organize their warehouse
  • Gain huge insight into exactly what they have, where they have it, and what they have left

Pretty easy, huh?

Appeal to their Inner Control Freak

So now that we’ve shown your boss how easy it is to make the jump, let’s help them see a bit more of the why, too. Your boss got to where they are for a number of reasons, but we’re willing to bet one of them is their ability and desire to control and manage multiple things at once. Let’s tap into that.

Your boss will be more empowered than ever when they put IntelliTrack® in their hands. Once they find out all of the ways that our platform makes management a breeze, they’ll be hooked. For your boss, the reason why they should make the switch comes down to a few simple things:

  • They’ll be blown away by IntelliTrack®’s real-time management capabilities
  • Show them how IntelliTrack® can help track down items with pinpoint accuracy
  • Give them better peace of mind through IntelliTrack®’s ability to keep tabs on their expensive, valuable business assets and greatly boost organizational loss prevention

There’s no doubt that your boss likes to be in control at all times and there’s no doubt that the best way to accomplish this is with IntelliTrack®.

Point Them Towards a Happier, More Efficient Employee

At the end of the day, your boss is a human (well, most of them are) and they want two things: an efficient operation and a happy employee base. Sometimes, this isn’t easy. They have to make tough decisions that will lean one way or the other and put stress on the company and the employees. It’s time to show them how to have their cake and eat it, too.

IntelliTrack® gives them the best of both worlds while giving you a whole lot less stress. Tell your boss about inventory management software with two goals in mind: improving the day-to-day operations of their business, while also taking some of the load off of your shoulders. If the employer is able to see all of the ways that one simple piece of software can make such a drastic difference through making the employee’s job easier, they’ll probably jump all over it. One simple upgrade to the company’s operations can reverberate throughout an entire organization. What may have been stressful, arduous, overly-complicated inventory management practices for the employee can become quick, efficient, and user-friendly overnight. And here, if that simple breakdown from above worked before, let’s try it again. For your boss:

  • They learn how IntelliTrack® makes their business more efficient
  • They also learn how IntelliTrack® makes their employees happier through an easier inventory management process
  • They place better tools in the hands of the employee, and the company

Soften the Load With Better Software

There’s no perfect approach to making a better overall workplace or making happier employees, but there is one surefire way to make things better every time: just make things easier. That’s what IntelliTrack® does. Whether it’s for the employer in the way it makes running the company more simple, or for the employee in the way that it gives them the tools and power to better do their job, IntelliTrack® can help. And we all know, when it comes to feeling and doing better at our jobs, a little help can go a long way.