3 Critical Asset Reports Your Team Should Be Running

IntelliTrack® gives accurate data across all your assets and inventory, but what are the best insights you can gain from our reporting dashboard? To help you get started, we’ve shared the top 3 reports our smart customers consistently run to stay on top of all their stuff.

Intellitrack Assets report

Assets by Site/Location

If your employees work on multiple sites, taking assets with them, you could end up with a surplus or deficit issue across locations. Assets by Site/Location tells you what’s on hand, and where it was last scanned.  Make sure access to job-critical items are available to the entire team by knowing what’s where, and re-distributing items across sites as needed.

Calibration and Maintenance Due

Avoid potential downtime and gaps in workflow by keeping your assets well maintained for your team. As assets are input into the system the first time, enter product data from the manufacturer. Include maintenance and calibration due dates, depreciation milestones, and warranty information. Decide whether to run reports monthly or quarterly to get a snapshot of what items on hand are losing value, or just need a little attention. This will depend on the frequency of use.

Check In/Check Out Past Due

Catching missed items early is the key to loss prevention. Knowing who has your stuff, and when is only helpful if you can spot when items are out longer than expected. For teams using this feature for their high use items like warehouse tools and equipment that employees use daily or weekly, run this report once every 1-2 weeks for a quick snapshot into what’s overdue. Monthly reports are more sufficient for long-term checkouts, such as mobile devices and laptops.

Not sure how to effectively run reports or find what you need? We’re here for you! Get in touch to make better use of IntelliTrack’s smart reporting.