Asset management enables visibility into high value items for a global reseller

The Organization

Diamond International Galleries is a global reseller, specializing in unique and often highly valuable comics and pop culture collectibles. Their sales cycle is complex, often selling, buying back, retiring, and sending items for consignment over multiple transactions, across different online platforms.

The Challenge

As President Josh Geppi expanded the company, the number of items on-hand continued to grow along with the company. With this scale, sold items were being improperly identified and often times, the team didn’t even know what they had. Their buy/sell/consign history was lost, requiring repeated manual entry of item details with no benchmark for value appreciation.

The Solution

After a test demo of IntelliTrack®, Diamond was on-boarded using the asset management feature of the platform. Through a custom-configured data import process, their fulfillment team got a head start on categorizing and assigning location IDs to each item. They are now able to include finite details for meticulous tracking of each item, and view the full buy/sell history under the same lifetime control number. Using Check In/Check Out, assets are easily tracked across the full lifetime, without losing a single bit of history.

“Since using IntelliTrack®, we now know every item we have, and where it’s located. Everything we’ve needed to get done, they have done for us, including customizing a solution just for our needs.” – Joe McGuckin, Diamond International Galleries

The Results

Since IntelliTrack is cloud-based, potential buyers can easily view item history and establish a value for the item they want directly from a live show by connecting to the database on their laptop or tablet. After a simple, automated data import process with full support from the IntelliTrack support team every step of the way, Diamond is now able to track over 40,000 items they weren’t able to before using IntelliTrack.


Fun fact: Visit the Library of Congress to view the thousands of items from Diamond International Gallery’s retired collection!