Asset management enables visibility into high value items for a global reseller


The Organization Diamond International Galleries is a global reseller, specializing in unique and often highly valuable comics and pop culture collectibles. Their sales cycle is complex, often selling, buying back, retiring, and sending items for consignment over multiple transactions, across different online platforms. The Challenge As President Josh Geppi expanded the company, the number of … Read more

Logistics Tips to Keep Your Small Business Running Smoothly


Having a great product and a good marketing strategy can help your business take off, but if your logistics aren’t optimized, you could find yourself closing up shop. Here are some tips for getting this crucial aspect of business right. Track Inbound Supplies Tracking shipments is strictly required these days, but inbound supplies deserve equal … Read more

Sound Logistics Makes Valentine’s Day a Success

Valentine's Day

This February 14, Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day by buying cards, chocolates, and gifts to show loved ones they care. However, flowers are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, and despite the amount of thought many people put into purchasing them, few think about all that goes into ensuring that high volumes of flowers reach their … Read more

Keeping Inventory Threats Under Control


Businesses of all sizes need to stay on top of their inventory to avoid falling victim to risks like damage, theft, and missing inventory. Whether it is a disorganized warehouse, an employee with bad intentions, or overhandling, there are so many ways that you can lose inventory—and your profits can take a significant hit. Thankfully, … Read more