Asset Tracking Resolves Parking Challenges for Apartment Community

The Aspen is a 17 story high-rise apartment community housing 350 rental units including Studio, one and two bedroom apartments. The Aspen is located in Alexandria, VA, just minutes to DC, Crystal City, and Reagan National Airport.

The Challenge

The Aspen apartment community was having a problem validating residents vehicles parked on their campus. The Aspen’s main goal was to ensure that residents living in their community would always have a place to park. Management had previously issued tenants a sticker to place on their vehicle as a parking permit. However, the complex’s management team soon caught on to people lending or passing on parking stickers to others without registering a new vehicle.

Being close to a major metropolitan area where parking is a premium, The Aspen needed to ensure unregistered vehicles were not taking their residents parking spots.

They also wanted to ensure they knew who was parking in the complex’s parking area.

The Solution

After evaluating multiple systems, The Aspen purchased IntelliTrack Fixed Assets Software; it provided the best possible solution for a large parking lot with unsurpassed efficiency. With Fixed Assets, each resident is now assigned a barcode to place on their vehicle that stores the residents name, license plate information, and apartment number. With the Fixed Assets software The Aspen’s security guards can instantly validate a vehicle parked in their lot at any time. By scanning the barcode with a mobile computer they instantly know whether the barcode is on the correct vehicle or if it was traded to an unauthorized vehicle.

Each apartment number is stored in the Fixed Assets system as an “Item ID”. The system then relates each apartment number with a license plate number and resident’s name, that are associated with a “location”, or in this case the complex parking lot.

The Results

Security guards patrol the community’s parking lot every night.

Barcode scanners provide the guards with instant vehicle validation.

They know right away if a vehicle belongs in the lot or if they need to call the towing company. The process is very efficient and has provided The Aspen with 100% accuracy. Also, by requiring the guards to collect vehicle information every night, management knows the guards are patrolling the parking lot. The Aspen’s General Manager has never had a problem teaching a new security guard how to use the system and is able to easily train new guards the same day they start.

The Aspen has been using IntelliTrack Fixed Assets Software for the past 10 years and is able to provide parking for all its residents.

“When compared to stickers, Barcodes give you more bang for your buck. They’re much more efficient and you don’t have to buy expensive stickers or hangers.” – Marilynn Simpson, General Manager, The Aspen