Asset Tracking Helps SPAWAR Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Processes

The Organization

Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center San Diego (SSC San Diego) is responsible for development of technology to collect, transmit, process, display and, most critically, manage information essential to successful military operations. The Center develops the capabilities that allow decision-makers of the Navy, and increasingly of the joint services, to carry out their operational missions and protect their forces. SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego, Extremely High Frequency Satellite Communications (EHF SATCOM) branch, Code 2622, provides fleet engineering services to the warfighter.

The Challenge

The SPAWAR EHF SATCOM branch needs to track high value government owned equipment and manage a very large configuration management database.

One database contains over 10,000 stock parts.

Their current configuration management software does not allow for efficient inventory and is quite time consuming. SPAWAR needed to reduce error, shrinkage, and tedious physical inventory processes.

The Solution

IntelliTrack worked with Serco, Inc., a designer of innovative service solutions for the government, to bridge SPAWAR’s current configuration management software to work with Intellitrack’s Fixed Assets RFID for better inventory control. High value military parts and materials are tagged with a passive RFID tag and stored by location in the RFID system. As they are transferred to new locations or move through assemblies, inventories are updated using a handheld reader then imported through the existing software databases.

Fixed Assets RFID allows for quick item location checks and allows the operator to change asset locations, reducing inventory time and human error.

With the increased accuracy of SPAWAR’s parts database, fewer spare parts are purchased.

The Results

IntelliTrack’s Fixed Assets application allows SPAWAR to use the machine readable portion of an RFID tag to complete their inventory processes, eliminating time consuming manual inventory. SPAWAR is able to integrate IntelliTrack Fixed Assets RFID to its existing operational software and directly import data. By using RFID technology to inventory parts, error is reduced and inventory processes are made more efficient.

“This, in the long run, will be a money saver throughout the years.” – Barry Jones, Serco, Inc.