Asset Management Solutions Make Running the City of Orlando Easier

Asset Management Solutions Make Running the City of Orlando Easier

Running a city as big as Orlando is no small feat, and it takes more than 4,000 employees to provide the community and cultural services offered by the municipal government in the economic hub of Central Florida. Managing the city’s assets and consumables is a big challenge, but it’s one that is being made a lot easier thanks to help from IntelliTrack.

When the city’s project team set out to find a new and better way to track their inventory and report their financial transactions, their list of requirements was lengthy. It needed to be easy for workers to implement, and it had to integrate with the Workday application the City was already using for financial management and human resources.

While there were a few different packages that fit the bill and made it to their shortlist, one option quickly stood out to the project team, and that was the IntelliTrack offering. The City was immediately impressed with their sales rep’s focus on their functional needs.

The Right Decision

Subscribing to IntelliTrack ISRP and Assets packages has proven to be the right decision for them. After five weeks of installation, two weeks of alpha and beta testing, and two weeks of training, the system was up and running. IntelliTrack also put a system in place to help city staff get their questions answered by IntelliTrack in a timely manner.

The new system is working quite well with Workday. Workday and IntelliTrack have three interface points that relate to asset tracking asset validation, and material consumption.

The City of Orlando’s Project Manager, Roderick Scott, commented that they had a small custom piece for reporting, and he was impressed with how IntelliTrack was able to incorporate it in a manner that accommodated them without compromising the product’s integrity. IntelliTrack also gave its applications an average costing functionality to boost the utility of financial reports for management.

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