Asset Management Software Helps Soap Opera Take Control of Massive Wardrobe Inventory

The Organization

The Passions daytime soap opera on NBC premiered on July 5th, 1999 and has been running ever since. The show was created by James E. Reilly.

The Challenge

Passion’s wardrobe department is responsible for over 11,000 pieces of clothing. It was essential to be able to track the day to day movements of these items. Though not a retail business, the wardrobe department sometimes operates like one, with lots of new clothing coming in, and plenty of clothing getting sold. As fashion dictates, things can only be worn so many times.

With the large volume and monetary value of this inventory, the wardrobe department needed to keep inventory organized to prevent loss.

The Solution

By using both IntelliTrack Fixed Assets and IntelliTrack Check In-Out, the wardrobe department tracks the massive amount of clothing they have at their disposal.

They can tell the exact location of a particular piece of clothing at any time, whether it be onstage, at the cleaners, or in storage.

By using customizable fields, they are able to assign certain pieces of clothing to particular actors or actresses. Now, when the accounting department does an audit and gives the wardrobe people a list of items it wants located, the IntelliTrack system knows the location of every item.

The Results

With the help of IntelliTrack software, the Wardrobe department at Passions no longer has to worry about the location of their substantial inventory. They can instantaneously find the piece of wardrobe they need by using the software. NBC’s Tom Rotolo said, “Accounting audits are a breeze. We’re given a list of items to find in our inventory, and the system knows where they are!”