Asset Management Software Helps Non-Profit Focus on Its Communities

The Organization

ORT SA is a Jewish-led, non-profit, Public Benefit Organization (PBO), specializing in education, vocational and job skills training, and community development for South Africa’s impoverished communities. The qualifications earned by ORT SA graduates enable them to build productive and self-sufficient lives.

The Challenge

ORT SA has many projects in South Africa, including a technical institute in Cape Town. They have many different properties and needed to keep track of fixed assets such as vehicles, computers, office equipment, and furniture.

Before obtaining data tracking software, a large portion of the company’s assets were not accounted for in any way, and the possibility for loss was very high.

The Solution

Honorary Treasurer Irwin Lipworth was told through a business contact at Kemtek Imaging Systems about the tracking possibilities available through the use of IntelliTrack software. By using IntelliTrack Fixed Assets software in tandem with a PSC® handheld scanner, all company property can be tracked with ease. IntelliTrack software makes inventory management a breeze, and the immediate appearance of data in the fixed asset register/report provides instant information about an asset’s location and maintenance status.

The Results

ORTA SA provides a vital service for South African communities. The last thing they want to worry about is the status of their fixed assets. With IntelliTrack software, ORTA SA keeps their valuable assets working for the community, while keeping their management time and costs under control.