Asset Management Helps School District Modernize Operations

The Organization

The first Laramie County School District is located in the furthest southeast corner of the state of Wyoming. The district has 24 elementary schools, six secondary schools, and five administrative locations.

The Challenge

To modernize its facilities, the Laramie County School District purchased a significant quantity of technology in a short period of time. They were previously using individual spreadsheets for each building to track, as best they could, various devices throughout the buildings. These spreadsheets were not connected to each other, nor to any central database.

The district was about to receive a shipment of 4,000 computers and monitors, and they wanted to avoid having to manually enter all that data into spreadsheets at the destination buildings.

The Solution

Instead of manual processing, the District installed IntelliTrack Fixed Assets before receiving the huge computer shipment. The people doing the inventory were able to create a few items in the database and print out barcodes for all the machines. It only took a few weeks to tag all the computers. Dennis Pacheco, a LAN/WAN technician for the district, said that the people in the warehouse responsible for the actual relocating of the equipment were unable to keep up with the speed that the items were tagged and tracked. The district uses a pair of Symbol PPT8800 handheld scanners.

The Results

Without IntelliTrack Fixed Asset, the District would have had to manually enter the data for each machine in the spreadsheet for the destination building. With a manual system, if something was moved between buildings, it had to be removed from one spreadsheet, and entered into another at the destination. Such a system leaves room for error or loss, not to mention inefficiency and inconvenience.

IntelliTrack software eliminated these problems, so the district can track its million dollar plus computer inventory with ease.