Getting Inventory Cycle Counts Right

Cycle Counts

Inventory is one of the most controllable expenses in retail, so tracking it is essential if you want to maximize your revenue. Shrinkage is the biggest contributor to inventory loss. This refers to everything from theft and SKU entry errors to receiving errors and improper exchange handling – all of which can lead to significant … Read moreGetting Inventory Cycle Counts Right

Using IntelliTrack for Shopify

Fulfill your Shopify orders and keep better track of inventory without the extra steps by using IntelliTrack® for Shopify. This integration enables you to share inventory tracking and order processing seamlessly across the two platforms. Share order data Easily transfer information on open unfulfilled orders, carriers, and shipping details. As Shopify generates customer data at … Read moreUsing IntelliTrack for Shopify

Logistics Tips to Keep Your Small Business Running Smoothly


Having a great product and a good marketing strategy can help your business take off, but if your logistics aren’t optimized, you could find yourself closing up shop. Here are some tips for getting this crucial aspect of business right. Track Inbound Supplies Tracking shipments is strictly required these days, but inbound supplies deserve equal … Read moreLogistics Tips to Keep Your Small Business Running Smoothly

3 Critical Asset Reports Your Team Should Be Running

IntelliTrack® gives accurate data across all your assets and inventory, but what are the best insights you can gain from our reporting dashboard? To help you get started, we’ve shared the top 3 reports our smart customers consistently run to stay on top of all their stuff. Assets by Site/Location If your employees work on … Read more3 Critical Asset Reports Your Team Should Be Running