It’s 2019. Do you know where your stuff is?

Congratulations! You’ve made it through end-of-year asset and inventory counts. While we all dream of perfectly reconciled reports after final count, the reality is that things simply go missing throughout the year. How can this be managed?

It starts with enhanced visibility, and there’s no better time than the new year to improve the way your organization handles tracking. IntelliTrack® can help you get started, with 3 easy tips to help your entire team answer: Where’s my stuff?  


Track Early and Often

Our most efficient customers conduct a count at the beginning of each quarter (or month!) to better catch wandering items as they go missing. Using IntelliTrack’s visibility reporting, you too can quickly show stakeholders that each item is accounted for, based on the most recent count. Set a goal this year to conduct a count once each quarter, and distribute visual reports from the IntelliTrack dashboard to keep the whole team informed.

Know What you Have

It sounds intuitive, but many organizations simply don’t even know what they have. Maybe items are recorded as they are received and aren’t tracked throughout the lifecycle, or pen and paper has led to miscalculations in manual entries. IntelliTrack lets you record every individual item as its received, by location, as granular as you’d like. Our Check In, Check Out workflows can help you keep tabs on rotational assets that are used by employees, and location tracking helps you see where things are within seconds.

Keep Track of High Demand Items

It’s enough effort to manage fixed assets that aren’t checked out often. What about high-use items that are checked out at the beginning of the day and returned when the shift is over? Check in multiple assets at once, or let employees scan assets in and out themselves using a wired or wireless keyboard wedge scanner and the Rapid Check in/Check out operation. Easier and more frequent scanning means more accurate data, leaving you with smart counts at the end of each quarter.

See how a supply chain logistics company uses IntelliTrack’s Rapid Check In and Check Out application to hand out mobile computers or barcode scanners to give users ownership and accountability for the asset they use. Read more

Need some help customizing your tracking workflow? Your customer service rep can help you understand your unique needs and apply best practices across your supply chain to make next year’s inventory counts more satisfying. Get in touch